Lincolnshire Organic Garden Compost

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Lincolnshire Organic Garden Compost

  1. Available in 30ltr bags, cubic metre bags or loose

A nutrient rich, landscape compost, derived from a mixture of recycled lawn and garden materials. It is highly versatile and can be used as a soil conditioner in garden and lawn establishment, as turf topdressing and as a growing/potting media component. It will help sandy soils hold water, and reduce compaction and help water percolation in clay soils. It possesses a neutral pH and is rich in organic matter and microbial population which promote healthy soils.


Price List

  30 ltr Bags
  Cubic Metre Bag     £76.02
  Loose per Cubic Metre


Loose cubic metre and cubic metre bags are available for collection. (1 cubic metre min order) – Please phone for collected price.

Both loose and bagged products include delivery within our radius shown on the map.(min order of 2m3 loose)

Please see Delivery zones page for more information. 30 ltr bags are not available for delivery.

See our stockist page for the full list of 30ltr bag suppliers.

Organic Compost
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Lincolnshire Organic Composts

Our ranges of products are great for both the home and professional gardener.  The most popular, is the Lincolnshire Organic Garden Compost with its variety of uses

Adds valuable organic matter – improving soil structure

Improves the moisture holding capacity of light, sandy soils

Reduces the bulk density of heavy, clay soils – increasing moisture infiltration and aeration, slowing soil compaction

Reduces soil erosion and nutrient leaching

Improves the microbial activity of the soil

Provides essential plant nutrition

May even aid in plant disease suppression

All our products come with easy to understand directions for getting the best from our product.