Lincolnshire Organic Multi Purpose Compost

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Lincolnshire Organic Multi Purpose Compost

Available in 30ltr bags, cubic metre bags or loose

Nutrient rich, multi-purpose compost, which can be used as both a soil conditioner for garden renovations and as an outdoor/indoor plant growing media. It possesses excellent water holding capacity, but also designed to use outdoors and maintain a good moisture percolation rate.


Price List

  30 ltr Bags
  Cubic Metre Bag     £50.40
  Loose per Cubic Metre

Loose cubic metre and cubic metre bags are available for collection. (1 cubic metre min order)
Both loose and bagged products available for delivery. 30ltr bag minimum pickup from site is 10 bags 

PLEASE NOTE: Prices now exclude delivery.

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Organic Multi Purpose Compost